Tuesday, December 19

Eminem Pharma Launch for Revival

When Eminem launched his recent CD, Revival, in a most unusual way...he made it look like a real pharmaceutical advertisement! Seriously!

Of course the notorious musical artist left some clues...like key lyric phrases and the backwards "E"...but it still took diehard fans awhile to figure out the puzzle. The first fan to finally Solve the pharma mystery got a personal phone call from the rapper himself.

But this campaign wasn't just a billboard, it was full-on, classic, iconic, multi-channel pharmaceutical marketing complete with website, toll-free phone number, print ads, and of course a video shot in classic pharma style. My clients would be impressed! The man left no pharma stone unturned:

As a marketer who's done a TON of pharma work through the years, the accuracy of this mock campaign has me ROTFLMAO. The visuals, the pace, the casting, the scenes, the copy...spot on.

While I'm not necessarily a fan of the music, I do admire the marketing work. Clever, innovative, and well done!

What's your experience? JIM


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  2. I appreciate that! Thanks for reading! JIM