Friday, December 15

McDonald’s Holiday UK 2017

It's an amazing "tradition" to see many UK brands release long-story commercials for the holidays (and if you've read my book Out and About Dad then you'll get the “tradition” thing!). McDonald’s has joined the game this year with what I think is a real winner...taking a holiday tradition and turning it into a great story about family through a multi-media interactive experience.

But it all starts with this little gem...

The film is just the first part of the experience. Families can then go online to play a game to collect carrots and share scores. Smartphone-enabled AR kicks in so folks can view dancing reindeer, presumably happy with their treats. There’s also holiday merchandise that includes sweaters and toys for gift giving.

It’s a full-on, cross-channel holiday experience that lines up well with other UK retailers like John Lewis and M&S who create magic year over year.

For me, the best part is the depiction of Dad. Bravo, and thank you!

Happy Holidays! What’s your experience? JIM

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