Friday, December 15

Zales x Disney = Enchanted

Truth be told, there have been many brand collaborations with Disney through the years, and there have been many in the jewelry space that’s for sure. Nothing necessarily new there. I did a collaboration back in, did I just date myself or what?!?

But I have to say that the latest from Zales titled Enchanted is quite well done, adding significant equity to the Zales brand IMHO. And I guess that’s the point with any brand collaboration with Disney.

The product is fine, I suppose, so I’m not really going to comment on that....

It’s the positioning, content, and marketing that I will comment on and it’s very well done. Building the equity of Zales while it leverages a unique emotion from Disney...being a princess. Here’s the Enchanted video:

To my marketing that pretty good stuff - mixing the emotional magic of being swept away by love along with what looks to be a consistently created line of products.

A magical combination? Surely a brand builder for Zales and that could be magical in and of itself.

What’s your experience? JIM.

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