Friday, January 12

New Diet Coke Packaging

Someone’s starting the new year off with a bang...actually one massively iconic brand is starting the this new year off with a BAM!

Diet Coke. BAM! This has to be the biggest change to Diet Coke since its inception decades ago.

I’m old enough to remember Diet Coke coming into play...DIET? WHAT? It almost instantly made what was then the cool brand TaB seem so...yesterday. And TaB was also from Coca Cola. If you’re too young to remember TaB (cap B and all), here’s a link to a history lesson.

Through the years we've seen many changes to Diet Coke, most pretty subtle in the scheme of things especially when compared to what's going on now on the brand. With a fresh start for 2018 though, Diet Coke just launched its most radical packaging change ever (to my eye any way).


Sleek new, taller (skinnier) packaging ala Red Bull. Colorful graphic design ala, I don't know, the current look in beverage design with a rainbow like Skittles. Makes for a very contemporary look, and NOT very Diet Coke. Very not DIET! With a new lineup of new flavor combinations that make what feels like a buffet of Diet Coke that doesn't seem very Diet Coke at all.


And if what I've read about it is accurate, that's exactly the point. Beverage sales in this portion of the beverage category have not exactly been growing, while other parts have. Younger consumers are going elsewhere, so of course Diet Coke is going to try to reinvent to bring them back.

But don't worry, if you simply just can't live without the traditional can still get that shape too. I would imagine this makes for tricky merchandising on the store shelf and refrigerator case, but alas that's what change brings.

Funny how when you just look at the original flavor in contrast with the original can shape, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. But lined up with all the flavors and BAM! you have a big change.

As a big brand fan I'm in. As a marketer, I love to see continual reinvention and this is a pretty big one. It'll be interesting to see how it plays in the marketplace.

What's your experience? JIM.

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