Thursday, February 1

Crisco and PornHub with the Philadelphia Police

Just like Crock Pot, brand Crisco found itself thrust into the news albeit in a very different way.

In an effort to keep Philadephia Eagles fans safe, the police department used Crisco to grease the city’s telephone and lighting poles so that zealous fans couldn’t climb them and get hurt. Or hurt others. Crisco responded by sending sugar cookies to the police department in a show of appreciation. Awww.

Well it turns out that the Crisco didn’t work so well, so for Super Bowl weekend the police are trying another unbranded method. No offense to Crisco.

Of course brand PornHub (often a Super Bowl advertiser itself) offered the police department another solution in the form of its (ahem) a very cheeky tweet (which I won’t show here). The police appropriately responded with an infamous double facepalm. Well played.

Just a little branded fun right up to the Big Game.

What’s your experience?  JIM.

PS - We’ll be following all the Super Bowl advertising activity during The Big Game on Twitter at #SuperBowlExp. Join us...with sugar cookies :)


  1. Hilarious. ..can only imagine "greasing the poles" is somewhere in those Tweets or minds of all right now. Great tongue and dare I say "cheek"?