Thursday, February 22

Ryan Seacrest at Macy’s - When Did That Happen?

Ryan Seacrest at Macy’s? When did that happen!?!

I’m not sure how I missed this one from a couple of years back. Evidently Ryan Seacrest launched a line of men’s clothing at Macy’s called Distinction. Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Launched in 2014, but has been expanding ever since. Starting with suits and accessories and now a more casual line that came out in Fall 2017.

It’s a bit of a mix and match Garanimals (remember those!?!) concept where you can easily match up suits with shirts, ties, and other business accessories to create a look. A more formal business look.

The reviews have been mixed to my eye, with some loving the simplicity while others thinking it looks too formulaic and too much like a uniform.

Here’s a video from the 2016 line...

Ryan himself says this is how he dresses. Funny, but I don’t personally think of him as a suit guy but I guess he really is. He is certainly becoming the king of all media, so why not lend that equity into men’s attire?!? Wonder if this replaced the Trump line at Macy’s?

It must be working to still be available. Perhaps a good way to drive men to Macy’s.

What’s your experience? JIM

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