Sunday, February 11

Small Business Can Learn a Lot from Super Bowl 2018 Advertising

Tired of talking about the Super Bowl advertising yet? Not me...not by a long shot! My #SuperBowlExp Twitter Party wasn’t even enough!

But the Super Bowl isn’t just for the big brands. I think Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners should pay particular attention, TTYTT. There’s a lot to me learned that can apply to any size much so that I wrote a piece about it for Entrepreneur Magazine.

Click here to give it a read.

What’s your experience? JIM

PS - If you still can’t get enough, then you can listen to the podcast I did with The Holmes Report, chatting about this year’s advertising. Click here!

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  1. Business does process. If you hope for instant ways and guarantees will work, maybe you are not suitable for business. If you decide you want to do business, you must have a strong will. Willingness to learn, willingness to try, and will to rise again when it fails.