Monday, February 5

Super Bowl 2018 Advertising -- My Picks

It's not often I can personally say this..."What a game!?!" As someone who doesn't necessarily love football but who has a history with the city of Philadelphia, it was a great pleasure to see the team win. And the intensity of the game certainly made it easier to get through four quarters of advertising, which is what I am here to comment about!

While the game was intense, I'd say the advertising was somewhat safe. Excellent, but safe. I honestly thought we'd see much more commentary on the state of our collective souls, but I think advertisers heeded the call to stay clear of politics and social issues and keep it lighter, even when some told a greater message than the brand itself.

Tide. Wow, Tide owned the game, I must say. With multiple spots and a fav character from Stranger Things, Tide has now implanted in our heads that if the clothes are clean then it must be a Tide ad! The brand borrowed imagery from classic Super Bowl advertising so that virtually every ad is a Tide ad. Fun! And lasting. Here's the long version...

Doritos and Mountain Dew. This brand mashup got a lot of buzz when it first previewed and it stood the test of going live on the Super Bowl, breaking through the clutter. Who doesn't love a lip synch contest, especially if we get to see Missy Elliott!?! Blaze vs. Ice...

Toyota. Some brands did go to the more serious side, but with great success. We saw the usual suspects of car brands, but none did as well as Toyota with their sponsorship of the 2018 Paralympics. "When we are free to move, then anything is possible." The mix of inspiring support along with a nod to their own product line made for exceptional advertising. Not to mention the amazing music and "good odds" storytelling...

Verizon. The surprise of the night came from Verizon, who honored first responders by featuring survivors who called to thank those who saved them from tragedy. It's a wow, with a perfect tie to the brand and what it offers. Bravo...

I could go on and on...but I'll save some more picks for the rest of the week so stay tuned!

What are your favorites? What's your experience?  JIM.

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  1. Those were the obvious winners. Tide crushed.
    Did you hear when they listed the sponsors - Bud Light said "remember - don't drink and drive your horse". LOL funny.
    Concerning losers - we had a few "I am woman hear me roar" types ("Always Be faster than the boys") and Lindsey "anti-Trump" Vonn. "ABFTTB - is a nice sentiment - but really? Kind of silly, and pure sexism. In world in which high performing women compete at the level of high performing HS boys - it is just as anti-reality as much of the pablum.
    just imagine if USOC had an openly anti-Obama spokesperson on their add, or "Kick those slow girls out of the way" ad, and you can imagine the response. People are aware of these things - but they are quiet - but they get it.
    It is one thing for Lindsey Vonn to be a fool - that is her perogative. it is quite different to continue to feature her.
    Nothing against female athletes, and I dig an athletic bod and the commitment etc. But ABFTTB? The sexism is obvious, and the point makes no sense. It appeals to their target - sexist women - but really only serves to reinforce their already silly world view. Girls can compete - right up till puberty - once the testosterone kicks in - it's just not a fair fight.