Monday, February 5

Super Bowl 2018 - Best Product Benefits

Truth be told, and I am guilty of this myself, we tend to gravitate towards marketing (and particularly video/advertising) that is emotionally based. We're looking for that feel good, because we want to feel good about a brand. But truth be told, some of the best marketing is when consumers fully understand the core product benefits of the brand.

And there was some really good product benefit advertising during the Super Bowl this year, even if it may not have felt that way.

Jeep. Perfect example, the "anti-manifesto." Rather than tout a "greater human truth," the brand simply showed how it performs in all terrain. Very visually persuasive...

Rocket Mortgage. Finances can get very confusing very fast. The brand proves to us that it cuts through the clutter and explains things in plain English...

Febreze. Humor can sell, we know that. But this brand makes it very clear what its product offers, especially to those throwing Super Bowl parties...

All great, inspiring examples of product-focused advertising albeit within a creative cover.

Did I miss any from this year's Super Bowl? What's your experience? JIM

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