Tuesday, February 6

Surrounding the Super Bowl with Gillette (and others)

Not all of the brand activity for the Super Bowl came in the form of :30 television advertising during the actual game. Not by a long shot. If you’ve ever been to one of the “Big” games, then you know there’s a buffet of brand activations on site to hit the crowd and to spark social media activity...and to ignite influencers. Our agency had more than its fair share of that!

And some of the brand activity came in online too. Like the Mercedes work that I wrote about earlier in the week. Their  “Last Fan Standing” game gave away a car for the one fan who exhibited the most stamina by activating an app for the entire length of the game. BTW, I wonder who won?

Budweiser certainly had one of the best spots of the night with “Water,” but it still delivered on their Clydesdales tradition by showing horses in their stables on a Clydesdale Twitter cam! That came at exactly 7:15pmET, and Twitter was on fire!

Mucinex kicked in right after the game, announcing that Monday is the biggest sick day of the year! For sure. But if you really are sick, then take Mucinex!

But in all honesty, the best work came before the game in all the pre-game run up. I’m a bit biased being a dad and I’m a bit biased in that I love all of the work that Gillette does for dads. This new campaign combines football with fatherhood with gratitude with family pride...showing dads watching their sons play their first NFL game...

Here’s another one...

“Your big days are Dad’s big days.” Got that right!

What’s your experience? JIM.

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