Saturday, March 24

AdAge - March for Our Lives

AdAge is an industry trade publication that covers the marketing agency business. It's a bit of a "go-to" for those who make marketing a way of life. I read it every day.

To support this past weekend's March for Our Lives, I was very proud to see that my industry was contributing in a very meaningful way, powered by AdAge. Proud as someone who runs an agency and proud as a father of two children.

AdAge reached out to agencies in the US and asked them to contribute creative content to run in support of the marches happening all over the country. AdAge also struck a partnership with OutMedia to get billboard space in major markets to run the creative being produced. So as students and their supporters marched, they were supported by these motivating messages.

I'm thrilled that my industry got involved, to bring about real change for safety in our schools. What's your experience?  JIM

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