Tuesday, March 20

Ali Cola - Colas That Match Our Skin Colors

There's a new soda brand from Germany that is causing quite the stir across Europe, making quite the global statement. It's actually a relaunch of the brand from 2012, in an attempt to counteract hate around the world.

The premise is a line of colas that are all the same on the inside, but different on the outside. Just like our skin color.

Ali Cola. Colas that come in a range of skin tones.

"Why should cola just be black? Why can't cola be pale? That's being prejudice."

Every bottle sold goes to help refugees across Europe access higher education.

Here's a video from the founder...

It's out there, that's for sure, especially coming from a soda. Making a statement and quenching thirst.


What's your experience? JIM.

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