Monday, March 26

HQ Gets Its First Sponsor

If you haven't played HQ yet, then get the app now and give it a whirl. It's a live trivia contest that runs every day at 3:00pmET and 9:00pmET. About a million people log in to play each time, and in fact at one time the app had two million people log in.

The game basically consists of twelve trivia questions announced by a (very energetic) live host. If you answer all twelve correctly, then you share the cash prize with everyone else who also answered all twelve correctly.

The cash prize is typically $2,500 so it's not big bucks, but it does vary and there have been some big prizes thrown into the mix.

Well now the game is changing. HQ just signed on its first sponsor...Warner Brothers...who will use the app to promote three of its upcoming theatrical releases. And with a sponsor in tow, HQ promises more of the big payouts. I'm betting there will be more.

It's turned into a cultural sensation, with people gathering at the promoted times to play along. In fact many are going into conference rooms to play together for the daytime version.

Great fun...and something to watch as we see others try to create their own formula.

Play? What's your experience? JIM

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