Thursday, April 19

Vans for Girls Skate India

This is a great partnership on so many levels.

Evidently, skateboarding is considered off limits for girls in India. Believe it or not.

So now it’s International Women’s Day...the day, among all days, when women (and young girls) should feel empowered to take on the world however they’d like. On their terms.

Enter brand Vans. Yes, Vans. Yes, as in those shoes. Skateboarder shoes.

Enter India’s first female professional skateboarder. Yes, you read that right.

This year on International Women’s Day, the brand Vans released an online film featuring Girls Skate India, a group that was founded by that first female professional skateboarder who’s name is Anita Verghese, to encourage girls in India to take up skateboarding.

But Vans did more than just release an online documentary featuring girls in India skateboarding, they are also giving free skateboarding clinics in 100 skateparks around the world to teach girls (and anyone else) how to skateboard.

So awesome!

A mix of online and off. A mix of pop culture and societal norms. A mix of gender smashing with inspiration with empowerment with education. With access. Fueled by a brand known to be in this pop cultural mix. Supporting a woman doing an amazing thing for the world.

Marketing at its best. What’s your experience? JIM.

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