Monday, April 23

Tiffany Setting Gets Trademark Protected

Getting a trademark for design work is tough in our business. It's nearly impossible to protect an idea or trademark a feature. Nearly impossible.

Well, UPS was able to trademark the color Brown, which is highly unusual. The brand protected its color from being used by anyone else in the sector. Wow!

Louboutin also trademarked its signature red sole shoes. No one else can have a red sole, unless the shoe is also red. Wow!

And now Tiffany recently won the right to protect its "Tiffany Setting" diamond ring. Well, others can make it but they can't all it a "Tiffany Setting." Wow!

Perhaps we are making headway in being able to protect our very good work as an industry! I for one think that this should be far more common that it is. These three examples are exceptions to the rule, but it should be common procedure for us to be able to protect our creativity, branding, and marketing. I say "more!"

What's your experience? JIM