Monday, May 21

A Keg of Rose Wine!

Yes, you read that right...a KEG of rose wine. From Bridge Lane Wineries out on Long Island, New York.

Now I have been drinking rose all year long, long before it was ever in vogue to do "rose all day." But we never had this...first it was a box of rose, then a can or rose, and now a keg of rose. One keg contains 26 bottles of rose.

That's a lot of rose, even for me! Imagine the reduced recycling!

"Hip, Hip, Rose," as Bridge Lane says.

Probably not for your average frat party, but then again who knows!

What's your experience? JIM

1 comment:

  1. Continue to see an increase in wine on tap, even from quality producers. Makes sense economically, environmentally and logistically. Seems like a win all the way around. Just need to ensure there is enough volume and the lines are maintained properly...just like good tap beer practice.