Tuesday, May 1

Drinks and Snacks in Uber and Lyft

It was only a matter of time for the rideshare business to turn into an even greater experience...with in car amenities. Like in this case drinks and snacks.

A company called Cargo has started installing displays that dispense snack bars, bottles of water, and even Sour Patch kids via the consoles of Uber and Lyft vehicles. When you download the Cargo app, you can pay with your mobile device. It even has a nice safety feature...the driver has to stop and pull over to dispense the snack items.

In some cases there are even free samples.

Cargo is infiltrating all the major markets, and in fact just added Coca-Colas home town of Atlanta with its new relationship with that brand too.

So now you can play your own music, sip a Coke...now we just need manicures and pedicures...oh wait, there are some brands that have been doing makeovers on special occasions already! Soon we’ll be seeing samples of hair care and skin care products sitting on our Uber and Lyft seats when we get in the car!

Ridesharing with the full experience. As my mother used to say, “What will they think of next!”

What’s your experience? JIM

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