Tuesday, July 31

Away Luggage Pops Up at Retail

If you travel at all or even just commute to work, it's likely impossible that you would miss the online luggage brand called Away. The transit advertising and social feeds are everywhere. At least in my travels and in my social feeds!

Impossible to miss, with lots of messaging that makes you want to partake. I do personally think it's important for your personal brand to look put together when you travel...enter Away.

Well now the online brand is going brick & mortar with a physical pop up store in Soho, New York City to bring consumers the full line. The popup is fun in that it replicates an airport experience...or should I say makes a positive airport experience outside of an airport!

The store is called Terminal A...not only can you can get lots of Away products but also get them customized too. It all starts with an Away passport! And away you go! The online experience is pretty cool too!

But only until August 5th, and then you're back online, travelers!

What's your experience? JIM

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