Monday, July 9

Fashion Inspired by Day-to-Day Food

Looks like high fashion is taking some inspiration from day-to-day food. QRS (quick service restaurant) food like.

Like this Hamburger Ring from Nadine Goshn, which retails for $8,800.

Not only does it form the perfect fast food burger, ala McDonald's to my naked eye, but each piece can also be worn separately. It's also available in a vegetarian version for $400 less. BTW, Nadine Goshn is based in the US but is of Lebanese/Brazilian decent. Super creative...she's also designed a pair of earrings titled "Bullshit."

And then there's the Coca-Cola line from Pinko, including this little bag that retails for about $250.
BTW, Pinko is an Italian fashion brand formed in the 1980s by the current CEO. Creative flair and quality are its core values. Obviously. 

But here's the point: when your brand is so engrained in pop culture that people are willing to wear it as fashion, then that's branding hitting an entirely new level. And when it's luxury fashion, then that's an entirely new level again.

What's your experience? JIM.

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