Tuesday, July 24

Guess His & Hers

Fashion brand Guess just took a page out of pop culture and launched a new unisex collection of clothing...wardrobe basics that can be worn by any gender. We've seen gender fluidity in makeup a lot lately, so fashion is a likely source as well.

Introducing...Guess His & Hers.

There's lot of denim and lounge wear and t-shirts and jackets...and a lot of signature Guess sexiness too.

I'm betting this won't be the first fashion brand to go unisex...and in fact we're already seeing bits and pieces in the marketplace. Of course! Fashion both follows and inspires our pop culture! As does marketing.

What do you think? What's your experience? JIM


  1. Guess is trying to be an innovative brand how it was in the past (90´s), but its not working out!! Unfortunately the brand has aged in the people's minds.
    They need new connectors and influencers!!

  2. All brands need to constantly refresh, right?!? JIM