Sunday, July 22

Hello Fresh at Retail

Hello Fresh established itself as one of a few home meal solutions one of the first to deliver full meal kits to home cooks (home cooks who want to be home chefs but just don't have the time). The home meal kit was a brilliant solve for the busy foodie, and the category naturally took off. I myself have partaken!

Well now it appears that it's time to expand the momentum even further, in a surprisingly traditional way.

Hello Fresh just signed a deal with grocery retail holding group Ahold (aka Giant and Stop & Shop in the US) to make their home meal kits available at retail. Brick and mortar retail. So now you don't have to preorder the kits, you can just pick them up on the way home.

A pretty natural extension to the category, if you ask me. And perhaps a new reason to stop at the physical grocery story rather than ordering online.

Smart. Anything like this that you could do for your category? What's your experience? JIM.

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