Wednesday, July 11

Starbucks Eliminates Plastic Straws

Starbucks announced that it's joining the global movement to reduce plastics that end up in our oceans. We use a staggering amount of straws each day...I've heard upwards of 100million straws a day in the US alone. Wow!

On many of it's iced drinks, Starbucks will now be using straw-less lids. For those drinks or those consumers who might still need a straw, Starbucks will use a non-plastic more environmentally friendly version.

It won't happen over night, but the company has a plan in place to take plastic straws out of their system.

As a marketer, I applaud. As a frequent consumer myself, I embrace. We all need to reduce our use of plastic, and evidently straws are a big part of the problem. I'm happy to reduce my use and I'm thrilled to see brands making it easier for me to do that.

Bravo! I'm sure others will be soon to follow.

What's your experience? JIM.

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