Tuesday, July 17

The Airlines and the Supreme Court Nomination

I believe this is a first.

Well, not a complete and absolute first but a "first" nonetheless. We are seeing more and more brands take a stand on social issues. Gun control, immigration, marriage equality, women's rights...brands are speaking out on behalf of their values and on behalf of their consumer and employee interests.

We even saw a brand join a lawsuit against POTUS! That was certainly a first.

But even with all of that, I do believe that this is a first as well! Airline companies are speaking out against a government nomination. Actually it's their employees as union members who are speaking out against the proposed nomination for the open spot on The US Supreme Court. And as a result, they are in many ways representing their brands as well as themselves.

The two airlines' employees are from United and American. We also recently saw specific airline employees stand up against government policy, in that case it was about separating immigrant families.

I'm not commenting at all on the politics...that's not my bag. But I am observing the impact of employee sentiment, employee relations, and employee power on brand activity. That is clearly a series of firsts and perhaps a first of many more to come.

What's your experience? JIM.

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