Wednesday, August 8

The New Dunkin' Run

You must know the tagline by now...America Runs on Dunkin'. As in Dunkin' Donuts, the iconic coffee chain turned QSR restaurant.

Well to continue its "run," the brand just introduced a range of on-the-go snacks in an effort to continue to expand beyond donuts and coffee, and I would presume to also continue to expand into new meal parts as well (not just breakfast).

The new menu is called The Dunkin' Run. Fab! And they're just $2.00 a piece. Competitive!

The new items include "Fries" which are really just donut sticks tossed in cinnamon sugar. Yum!

Also available for the first time is a gluten-free fudge brownie, waffle breaded chicken tenders, and ham & cheese tortilla rollups. DD is going all over the map/globe here!

Wow! I gotta say, pretty smart. What's your experience? JIM.

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