Thursday, October 11

Vuitton Propels Rimowa

You may not be readily familiar with the luxury luggage brand Rimowa, and you may not be aware that it is owed by LVMH (as in the company that owns Louis Vuitton). But I can tell you that it's on many a celebrity's A-list and on many other's wish-list.

I'm betting you soon will be hearing more and more, as LVMH puts the push behind Rimowa in an effort to propel it even more forward.

In the brand's quest to become more well known for its luxe, Rimowa has been collaborating with Vuitton designer du jour Vigil Abloh who is currently propelling Vuitton's men's line. His work is getting a lot of attention.

With refreshed design features and a tweaked logo, Vigil recently released a video talking about travel, with his Rimowa in tow (but of course). Take a look:

Earlier in the year, Rimowa also did a collaboration with New York skate brand Supreme, to much fanfare (fans literally gobbled it up!).

I'm betting we are going to see even more from this 120-year old brand who may just be hitting a new stride!

What's your experience? JIM.

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