Friday, November 2

Beverage Packaging for the Holidays

Two beverage giants are out for the holidays this week.

First up, Starbucks.

The Starbucks holiday cup is a big deal every year, and it's oh so fun to see the new designs. Last year left many feeling cheated when the big cup was just plain 'ole red. I thought it was clever myself, sort of a twist of holiday minimalism in a way. This year it's red again but it's a permanent cup that can get reused over and over again throughout the holidays, with a discount every time it's used. And today Starbucks is giving them away for free. Happy (sustainable) Holidays!

And then we have Coca-Cola...we've seen this before and it's back again. The label on the bottle actually pulls into a ribbon and bow for the holidays. Happy (gift-giving) Holidays!

More, we want more! C'mon beverage brands, we want more! What's your experience? JIM.

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