Saturday, November 24

New Holiday Advert - Love Is A Gift

Every year, with great fanfare and fan appreciation, the UK retailer John Lewis releases (what becomes) a beloved holiday advertisement. Or "advert" as they say in the UK. I recently wrote about the 2018 version; click here if you haven't seen it.

"It's tradition!" (a wink to a chapter in my book Out and About Dad)

In a great response, a young film maker in the UK decided to do his own version. He filmed it for 50 UK pounds, and titled it "Love is a Gift." I think it's far to say that he's had as much fan appreciation as John Lewis has gotten, maybe more due to the humble budget.

Fair warning, it's a tear jerker....

Merry Christmas indeed!

Fans are calling for John Lewis to hire this young man for next year's advert. Smart idea. His name is Phil Beastall and I think we may be hearing from him again.

What's your experience? JIM

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