Monday, November 12

"No Matter What" from Calum Scott

Music heals. The song No Matter What from Calum Scott is a great example.

In his song, Calum Scott commemorates his journey of coming out...specifically with his parents.

I am so grateful that people like Calum Scott are sharing their stories in their own way. We all should share our own story, in our own way. Whatever way that is. The more public the better. The more it gets shared, the better.

I myself have shared my story, in my booked called Out and About Dad. In my book, I talk about how I wish there had been stories like this one from Calum when I was dealing with my own issues. Perhaps my journey would have been easier. I wrote my book in the hopes that others' can have an easier time as well.

Music heals. So does sharing our common experiences. So share yours too.

I ask of you...What's your experience? JIM

So please share! What's your experience? JIM.

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