Wednesday, December 26

Biggest Marketing Moments of 2018

Every year I like to count down what I consider to be the biggest marketing moments of the year. It's fun, at least for me and I hope for you too! This was yet again another exciting year for marketing, so let's learn from it all. After all, marketing is a spectator sport!

Here goes:

10: KFC Apologizes for its Chicken Shortage ... when KFC in the UK ran out of chicken, the brand took an unusual (albeit traditional) route to make it right.

9:  Crock Pot on This is Us ... Crock Pot took the blame for a beloved television character's death, and here's how this brand handled the fiction-turns-reality crisis.

8:  This Coke is a Fanta ... Coca Cola turned hate into love, in a very brave move that caused a movement in Brazil.

7:  Gerber's New Spokesbaby ... Gerber announced its first spokesbaby with Down Syndrome. Selected for his infectious smile. Indeed!

6:  Starbucks in Crisis ... seems like we had a lot of brands in crisis this year, and Starbucks was certainly one that was in the thick of it all.

5:  Ambien's Response to Roseanne ... here's a brand who took the high road by taking advantage of a moment.

4:  Papa John's Apology Video ... it's been up and down and up and down for this pizza brand, that's for sure. Here's an up, IMHO.

3:  Dick's Sporting Goods Response ... 2018 saw many brands take a stand on socio/politico issues and Dick's was right there from the start.

2:  IHOb ... when IHOP turned its "B" upside down to promote its new burgers, social media lit up! Was it real, was it permanent?

1:  30th Anniversary of Just Do It ... probably no surprise that Nike gets my nod for the biggest marketing moment of the year! A moment that has had lasting effect on brand loyalty and company valuation.

Happy Holidays to one and all! What's your experience? JIM.

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