Tuesday, December 11

Virgin Voyages for Adults Only

Virgin is set to set sail in the cruising market with three new ships, slated to be in operation by 2020. The service will go from Miami through the Caribbean, and will be for adults only. Here's a video capturing the full ship experience:

The cruising industry is huge, as I'm sure you know, as all the major players try to outdo themselves with new ships and new features being launched with great fanfare. There hasn't been a new brand in quite some time, so this is a big one ... sure to be off to a great start when the ship is ready to sail.

I'm sure that the "adults only" feature will draw a big crowd. Smart.

Virgin is also planning to have the happiest crew on the seas, promising a cruising experience better than any other. We shall see.

What's your experience? JIM.

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