Thursday, January 17

Fiji Celebrity Photobombing

Sure, everyone is talking about the new Gillette short film this week ... but the Gillette brand isn't totally monopolizing brand commentary this week. A story from the Golden Globes continues to create buzz day after day, and it's causing a bit of drama.

Evidently Fiji Water was some sort of a sponsor of the Golden Globes, with brand ambassadors carrying around trays of bottled water for guests on the red carpet. Makes sense!

One brand ambassador was particularly (and some say purposefully) aggressive in her stance as she was seen continually photo-bombing celebs on the red carpet. What a way to get your money's worth out of sponsorship dollars! Clever, actually!

A few folks were quite annoyed, stating that they weren't paid influencers so they won't take a photo with the brand in the background. Hence the continued buzz. Oh!

Lesson learned? Truth is that many a brand has tried to maximize its sponsorship money or avoid sponsorship investment through guerrilla marketing tactics. This isn't the first. Just take a look at Beats or Nike at the Olympics. This little stunt is perhaps one of the most obviously intrusive, which may be the source of the negativity. Perhaps a little more subtlety goes a long way? Something to think about! But look at us here all talking about it!

How do you feel about the photobombing? What's your experience? JIM

PS - Here's an update. Seems our photobomber did indeed make quite the scene ... and she'll soon be acting out scenes on the daytime soap "Bold and the Beautiful"!

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