Wednesday, January 23

Kia & Budweiser - Super Bowl?

It's Super Bowl advertising season, and I've already established that many a brand is deciding to skip broadcast and do something outside of The Big Game. 

Despite being a annual advertiser, Skittles is doing a Broadway Show this time around, for example!

Another big advertiser, Kia, is also putting their Super Bowl money into another vehicle ... scholarships for those "Great Unknowns" out there. The brand is offering money to fund people's ambitions, using dollars that what would have gone into a celebrity spokesperson and giving it to every day people instead. That could potentially be a lot of money! Here's a piece of film about it, called "What If":

Meanwhile, another regular advertiser is continuing with its own "celebrity" ... Budweiser and its famous Clydesdales. Have no fear, this beloved Super Bowl tradition will be back this year! No skipping out for Bud. But this time, the famous horses will be touting the fact that the brand uses 100% renewable energy. "Celebrities" with a purpose, you might say.

Well played. And lots more to come. What's your experience? JIM.

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