Thursday, January 31

Microsoft and Jeep - Amazing Content for Super Bowl 53

The Super Bowl spots are pouring in, especially the extended versions online, and there are two that have BLOWN ME AWAY. So much so that I can't wait until Super Bowl Sunday to comment on them. So I'm not going to wait.

The first one is from Microsoft, focused on their new game controller that helps those with mobility issues to play more effectively. Because "when everybody plays, we all win."  Wow! Just love the purpose they've given to their brand efforts. Also, ever so subtly, promotes the benefits of gaming.

The other one is from Jeep, with what is perhaps one of the best pieces of film that I've ever seen. Sheer brilliance. Not a new storyline from Jeep which has been pretty consistent year to year with their Super Bowl messaging, but this is the best of the best IMHO! And you have to admire the subtle references to this American brand. And with One Republic singing, how can you go wrong?

I'm hoping that there's more to come for sure. But these two brands are setting the benchmark pretty high and elevating their brands in the process!

See you Sunday! What's your experience? JIM.

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