Wednesday, February 6

Diet Coke on Board Delta Airlines

To be honest, I personally think this is kinda cute but apparently many folks on board didn't agree with me.

Diet Coke decided to get a bit cheeky with their cocktail napkins aboard Delta flights by inviting people to meet each other and trade phone numbers.

Many thought it was inappropriate. I actually thought it was a bit old-school in a good way, bringing back "back in the day" when we would actually meet people on flights. I've met many a future business colleague on flights. But that's me thinking about it from a non-dating perspective, which is not what I think others are thinking...hmmm.

What do you think? What's your experience? JIM


  1. I'm a fan, but can see how it would misinterpreted. Love the idea of using advertising to bring people together in real life, maybe just reframe to be more clear around friendship/biz connections.

  2. I loved this napkin when I received it on a plane last week. I'm with you, Jim: it brought back memories of meeting future friends who happened to sit in the right seat!