Tuesday, February 5

Hidden Gems - Super Bowl 53 Advertising

The word on the street, in social media, and at the water cooler is that the Super Bowl advertising was a bit, shall we say, drab this year. I'll admit, much of it didn't live up to the occasion as I said yesterday. But there were a few winners, as I pointed out, that did capture our attention and got us all buzzing.

But there were also a few hidden gems that I'd like to point out, that perhaps went under your radar. Allow me to remind you of a few spots you may have forgotten.

Serena for Bumble. Right at the kickoff, Serena Williams let us know that women are in charge for this dating app where literally women are in charge! Note that Bumble has a new version where women can find a new best friend. "The world tells you to wait." Not anymore!

Devour Frozen Foods. I'm not saying that this is the most insightful or the best ad ever created, but it's pretty clever. Food porn is a social phenomenon, and I myself have been guilty of it. But who ever thought of frozen food porn? And who ever thought of Devour Frozen Foods? Well now we do. Here's the uncensored version...

Google Translate. The Super Bowl was a big night for tech companies, and of course Google was there. But I'm not sure anyone noticed this little ditty. 100 billion words are translated on Google a day, but the most translated ones give us hope.

And then there's this one from Google as well, honoring the 7% ... helping Veterans find their next job.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. What's your experience? JIM

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