Wednesday, February 13

#KillerSkin from Olay

Of all the categories that I've worked in, beauty remains my favorite. I can't even necessarily pinpoint why, but it's likely because it's the height of the emotional benefit and the perfect example of how marketing can make or break a brand. Certainly not the only category where this is true, but certainly one of the most fun...from a marketing standpoint, and also from a consumer standpoint where participants love to experiment with new products.

Also what makes it fun is that every once in awhile something comes along that breaks the cadence of the category, and we stand up and notice.

This recent spot from Olay during the Super Bowl certainly breaks the norm of the category, with humor and a unique way to not only show the functional benefit of the product, but the emotional side as well. Plus a great sense of humor.

Take a look at #KillerSkin:

Don't we all want #KillerSkin?!? Great use of celebrity too. Pretty clever in my book. Bet we're going to be seeing it online, in store, and at The Oscars!

What's your experience? JIM.

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