Monday, February 4

The Best of Super Bowl LIII Advertising

It seems like every year people complain about the Super Bowl advertising ... it's never creative enough, never entertaining enough, never enough. 

I, for one, never complain because I simply love the sport of watching it all. Watching and learning and then reapplying for my own work. Marketing is a spectator sport.

But I will say that this year did seem a bit drab. As a collective portfolio, the Super Bowl advertising lacked its game, lacked its passion, and lacked its spirit of the occasion. It honestly felt like just any other night of advertising. Most in my Twitter Party at #SuperBowlExp said much the same. And many felt like there were just one too many robots.

But having said that, it was still an enjoyable night with pockets of creativity, insight, reflection, and celebration.

I read that Americans consumer 1.4 billion chicken wings over the weekend. We did our share at 20. And in the Pringles spot, we learned that there are 318,000 stacking combinations of the flavors. Might just have to try that. 

So now let's get to the ads! Here are a few of the standouts for me this year ...

The 100th Anniversary of the NFL: This celebration of the sport was indeed a fan favorite, topping the list as best ad of the night for many viewers. An ad basically for the game itself. Not my personal #1 because I tend to go for brand sponsors, but right up there. Pure football entertainment which is exactly what the fans want!

Most competitive ad goes to Bud Light No Corn Syrup: It's not easy creating an ad that crushes your competitors, but Bud Light brought the issue of corn syrup to the forefront with this entertaining piece in current Bud Light style (BTW the corn producers weren't happy on Twitter):

As usual, there were lots of car brands. But only one stood out for me and that is Hyundai with its Shopper Assurance: Jason Bateman delivered a compelling way to differentiate the buying process for Hyundai by equating it to a department store elevator. Going up!

Lots of folks liked the Verizon First Responders spot: this isn't the first time that the brand has honored first responders, as well they should. The link to being able to connect to them via mobile is clear as multiple bars. This year, however, the brand featured first responders who had saved NFL players and coaches. The team that wouldn't be here ...

For me, the pick of the night goes to Microsoft and the work its done for gamers with mobility issues: The tagline alone does it for me ... When everybody plays, we all win. The work has purpose, it pulls at your heart strings, and it makes us respect the brand (and gaming) a whole lot more. That's Super Bowl advertising doing its work. Here's the extended version:

All certainly good fodder for water cooler chatter today, as we sort through the game itself and all of the advertising.

What's your fav? What's your experience? JIM

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